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Nadeem is regarded as one of the very best instructors of Colombian Style Salsa, pachanga and boogaloo in the world. Many of his students have become renowned salsa instructors in their own right. Nadeem is one of the fastest and most dynamic of dancers.

He has been teaching Salsa, Pachanga and Boogaloo for over 15 years and has built a reputation for being one of the best instructors of Colombian salsa in the UK and the best Salsa instructor in Ljubjana and Croatia where he is nicknamed "El Salsero Mayor" by his students and his peers. Many of the Salsa instructors in Slovenia and Croatia and London and Barcelona  have attended Nadeem's workshops and classes.

Nadeem's classes are one of the few classes that are attended by other salsa teachers to learn more steps and to correct technique and style. Nadeem is regarded as a perfectionist in his art.

Nadeem is also a Black belt Instructor in Shotokan Karate with over 20 years experience.

Also, Nadeem's training in Hypnotherapy and NLP put him in a unique position to ensure that students are able to discuss and deal with any personal or psychological issues that may be holding them back either in their dance classes, work or life in general.

UK - London

Shaf  - el gran queso de la salsa - has some of the fastest footwork patterns seen outside of Cali Colombia.

Yamileth - excellent Colombian style teacher with more than 20 years experience.

DJ Frederico - one of the new and up coming salsa stars. DJ Frederico is best known as probably the best the best salsa DJ in the UK.

Giovanni - excellent teacher and good all round dancer

Gladys - The little lady of fast salsa! sooo much energy in such a tiny frame!

Ivana - co-organiser of the Edgware salsa Parties twice a month in the Mason's Arms.

Ginu - Colombian salsero, specialising in cuban salsa and rueda de casino.

Instructors Hall of fame - Past Salsa Rhythm Instructors who have learned salsa with Nadeem - now teaching their own classes

Jean Yates

Junko Steptoe


Vera Valnegri

Alison Randall

Valentine Tull


Lydie Vaudran

Bianca Baust


Bor Pantic


Hrvoje Zaknic


Helga Fernandez




 If you think you have what it takes to become a SalsaRhythm Instructor and if you wish to train to teach with us - send an e-mail to together with your Curriculum Vitae.



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